My Jeep Saves the Day - Game Stop Trade in Day July 22 2013, 0 Comments

This weekend had to be one of the hottest and most humid weekends on record this summer.  The heat seemed to affect my kids too.  They were bickering non-stop Saturday morning - driving me crazy.  Wait a minute... They're always bickering.

It was way too hot to get them outside, and it was even too hot to go to the pool.  My only option -- take a ride in the Jeep. The AC in the Jeep is phenomenal!  Keeps even a mom with hot flashes cool.

But where to go. The heat was horrendous.  I had to think of something that they would have to work together, and bond on.  So... I came up with Game Stop Trade In day. What a prefect idea.  They worked as a team to come up with games and a game system they no longer used and we headed out. 

After the trade in -- $98 richer, they ended up buying three new games and getting a $20 gift card.  They both compromised, and both were able to get the games they wanted. Ahh!  Peace among brothers.

So we headed for home in the cool confines of my favorite place to be.
I was hopeful the Peace Among Brothers lasted through the day.  It did... Even into the next day...  ALL day.  They worked together to build Helm's Deep with Legos. Gotta Love my new Jeep. Is it still new after two months?