Happy Birthday to Me! Jeep was the theme August 12 2013, 0 Comments

Well, I decided on my birthday - 2 days ago - I am no longer 40 something.  Instead, I am now 30 something (in my mind anyways).  Having a Jeep makes you feel younger - and if you feel younger - you are younger. And look what you can do when you feel younger.  Working out really pays off.

I had a fabulous birthday.  I spent a the weekend camping with my family at Swallow Falls State Park. Check out my blog tomorrow for great pictures from the weekend. I also received some pretty cool gifts for my "30 something" birthday .

Here's one of my favorites from a really good friend.
I will be checking out the site for more fun Jeep things, once I finish up this post. 

Another friend sent me an online gift certificate for the Jeep Gear online store. www.gear.jeep.com
I ordered myself a new tee-shirt.
Then while shopping in the Swallow Falls camp gift store I found the perfect wind chime. My first one broke, so I needed a new one.
 Since the little "bear scare" at Boy Scout Summer Camp, bears are my new thing.  My phone ring tone is a bear growling.
But I would have to say my favorite gift, I bought for myself, would be my new Jeep decal.

Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts, birthday wishes and a fabulous weekend in the mountains. Don't forget to check me out tomorrow for all the great outdoor fun times.
Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
Happy Trails!