Helping an Air Force Veteran in Need! October 10 2018, 0 Comments

Sometimes just standing at a pro sports game to clap and cheer for the men and women who serve our country just doesn't seem like enough. So when I get a chance to personally give back to a veteran or current military person I jump on that chance. 

A fellow wheeler and Air Force vet who served two terms in the Middle East now needs our help. The flood waters of Hurricane Florence ravished his home. He and his family have no flood insurance and lost the entire contents of their home. They are in the process of gutting their home and starting over. 

Josh, his wife, and little girl live in South Carolina. Josh is a good friend of a Bryan. They went to high school together and served together.  Bryan is a good friend of mine and fellow Jeeper from Carolina Trails Off Road. He asked for my help and I didn't hesitate.  

Remember last month I started a 30 Day challenge.

I have turned this challenge into a lifetime challenge. I vowed to myself to do a good deed daily whether it is to say hello to a stranger or buy a stranger lunch or to help people in need.

Right now in America we are so polarized and negative, it's disheartening. I want to be a more positive person and spread goodness instead of all this ugliness. 

So today my Good Deed is to help this family in need. I have donated to the Go Fund Me page, and I am spreading the word by asking you to help.

They need to buy materials to fix their home, and to replace items damaged in their home. You can donate to their GoFundMe Page. Or if you'd rather send directly. 

Josh Smith and Family Relief Fund
5901 Enterprise Road
Mytrle Beach, 29588 

I truly believe in good karma. We need to create our own good karma by giving good and having good actions. My hope is for this to catch on and we all start living the #30DayChallenge every day.