Jeep Doors Off!!! But the Mom gene kicked in. April 30 2014, 0 Comments

Finally! -- Last week the weather was nice enough to take a chance to go Full Monte on the Jeep. It was the first time taking all the doors off since purchasing the Jeep. It was a pretty simple process. We just removed two bolts from each door. Then all I had to do was lift them off the hinges --which took a little muscle power. But since I've been pumping iron in the gym -- getting ready for the big Warrior Dash in 10 days -- it was not a big deal. 

On the first spin around the neighborhood I took my two boys. It was fun at first but once we left the confines of the neighborhood my mom gene kicked in. I started to feel those panic moments we have when we think our kids are in danger. It wasn't long before we were back inside the safety of our neighborhood and home. I don't think anything will override that mom gene. The safety and well being of my kids will always come first. 

We all liked having the doors off and the freedom we felt. But at the same time there was a level of feeling exposed and unsafe. I don't think we will be riding around in the city with the doors off anytime soon. But once we go out camping or out off roadin' that will be another story. We won't have to worry about all those crazy big city drivers or being left feeling exposed to ogling eyes.
So for now the doors have been reattached but the windows are off and the top remains all the way down. Except for today with the torrential downpours we are experiencing. In the meantime we will wait to take the doors off until we get out on the trails. The countdown for that has begun -- 25 days until my trip to Rausch Creek for a little one on one off road driving instruction and getting to know my Jeep's capabilities. Then the experiences can begin and my decision on how I want to use my Jeep can be made. 

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