Jeep Mom in the Garage February 23 2017, 0 Comments

It seems Mother Nature is eager for a little Topless weather. This weekend was absolutely beautiful with the sun beating down bringing temperatures in the high 60's. The only thing missing was leaves on the trees and green covered lawns. 

The warm temps made it perfect to fill up my bucket with some sudsy water and give my Jeep a bath. In the salt belt a good washing helps prevent corrosion. 

Since I was out in the garage, it was the perfect time to finish up a couple of small projects I couldn't get to because of the winter cold. These two projects should have been quick and easy. However for a Jeep Mom, working on your Jeep never is quick, and not for reasons you may be thinking.
I was constantly interrupted. A dog bark from inside the house meant I needed to go in to let her outside. Then some hungry boys came out in search of mom the cook. I have learned over the years to plan a little extra time for my projects because a mom's work is never done. 

Okay back to my projects...    

Earlier in the month I broke out my purple spray paint to brighten up a Christmas present. I added a couple of coats of Sumptuous Purple to my Drake Off Road JK Door Handle Inserts

These are super easy to add to the door handles. A few simple easy steps:

Mark a drill location

Drill two marked spots

Secure with screws       

Once all four inserts were were attached to the door handles, it was on to my LED headlights. 

At the beginning of 2017 I shared my headlight flicker dilemma. 

It was suggested I buy anti-flicker decoders. These decoders will help with the pulse width modulation. So with a pop of the Jeep grille, I switched out the harnesses that came with the lights. Pretty simple swap out. Once the grille is off just unscrew the four screws holding the headlight to the housing. Then unplug the wiring harness to swap with the decoder.

Unplug and plug

Simple and easy

Hopefully the decoder works. I will know shortly if the flicker stops. I will keep you posted.