Jeep Momma Facing Another Dilemma March 03 2015, 0 Comments

My oldest son is 15 years old. In six months he will be able to get his learner's permit which means he will be practicing his driving skills behind the wheel.  In Maryland one of the Behind-the-Wheel requirements consists of 60 hours of supervised driving. 

We have two vehicles in our house, MY Rubicon and my husband's Chevy Avalanche. In my opinion both are not very good vehicles for a 15 year old to be driving for the first time. 

Which means we may have to buy another car for my son, so he can practice driving in a regular car.  

Now my dilemma...

Buying the other car means less time driving in my Jeep, and possibly Jeep parts.


If we don't buy the other car I have to let someone else drive my Jeep!!!

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