Jeep Momma's Not Perfect April 21 2014, 0 Comments

So it was brought to my attention that I -- Jeep Momma -- always seem to be having a good time, always keeping to my exercise routine and eating healthy twenty-four seven because I never write about the "bad things". Well folks I hate to tell ya -- I'm not perfect. 

Yes, I exercise -- run, bike and lift weights in the gym. I have gone down four pant sizes in the past year, ran my first 10K and plan on running in the Warrior Dash Race in May. But there are days when it's just not possible because I am so busy or I just don't feel like working out --  so I don't. Some days I feel like taking on the world and do them all. Or some days I need to do them all to clear my head and get some focus back. 

Yes, I have been clean eating and getting healthy. I don't always stick to that plan. Sometimes I just need to have a thick piece of white sourdough slathered in butter or even that gooey piece of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream lathered in chocolate and carmel. Yes -- I make room for those cheats. Eating would be boring if we didn't give into our favorites once in a while.

Some days I wake up not feeling in the best of moods and even a ride in my Jeep just doesn't fix it. We all have those days. We sludge through the day go to bed and wake up the next morning ready for a new day. Good times wouldn't be so good if we didn't have some not so good times. So we all just trudge on through hoping tomorrow brings on better days.

So Jeep Momma isn't perfect. I haven't even gotten the Jeep muddy or been out wheelin'. Unless you count the snowy front yard. But I am on the move. I have scheduled a private off roadin' lesson for May. I'm excited and looking forward to learning more about my Jeep.

So.... No life isn't perfectly simple, healthy and Jeep happy but it's always a work in progress. I enjoy sharing those good moments with you and hope to inspire more Jeep Owners in this world. They can change your life.

 Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -- 
-- The Jeep Momma Way! --