Jeep Momma Facing Another Dilemma April 16 2014, 0 Comments

I am afraid I have put the "cart before the horse" or "jumped the gun" on my last blog about modifying my Jeep. I was asking myself -- modify my Jeep or not to modify my Jeep. Modifying a Jeep can be in many different forms and many different costs. It all depends on the reason for the modification -- Rock Crawling, Trail Riding with many different levels from difficult to easy, or modifing your Jeep just for the Beast-Mode look or I could just leave it stock.

To even begin to know what kind of -- if any -- modifications I need to make I need to decide how I want to use my Jeep. For me that's a hard choice since I've never been rock crawlin' or out on the trails. So before I even begin to ask myself these modification questions and spending thousands of dollars to change my Jeep -- I'd better get out there and experience it first. 

Now -- for Rock Crawlin' I've heard many different opinions on best Rock Crawlin' locations -- anywhere from West Virginia to Pennsylvania to Colorado to Northern California. So I took to google and began searching. The Four Wheeler Magazine listed the top Rock Crawlin' spots in the US.

Number One -- Rubicon Springs in Sacramento, California - The gold standard for rock crawling. A 12 mile length with some of the most famous obstacles around.

OK stop there...

I don't need to go any further! Hooked! But now my problem is two fold. First -- if this is the best of the best then my little ole stock Jeep would never be able to handle those rocks. And then jeez Northern California. 

That's 2700 miles away -- $1500 in gas not including lodging or food. That's quite a bit of money to dish out. So then I thought we could fly there and hook up with an outfitter to take us out. They have Rock Crawlin' Outfitters right. They have to. Nope! I searched and searched and found nothing. Or maybe I don't know where to search. So unless I have any friends who have Jeeps equipped for Rock Crawlin' who happen to live in Northern California I will have to find somewhere else. So back to the drawing board. Oh and by the way the 10 others next on the list were all on the west coast. Oh Well. 

Now onto trails. This can be such a daunting task to find trails and groups to go ride with. There are so many options. This is something you just can't do by yourself.  So I've signed up onto a Jeep forum in hopes to connect with some like minded Jeepers.

Next -- Beast-mode Modifications well my son is on this one. So far he wants 44 inch tires, a Rugged Ridge Bumper, Rubicon Rails and cut off the fenders. Hmmm! It's a thought... but I'm not into spending that kind of money just for a look. I want to have a purpose and lots of fun.

Well I could leave it Stock I just don't think that's an option but my wallet likes it.

So here it is. My mission has begun. Before I can even begin to decide what to do with my Jeep I need to go out and get the Jeep Experience!     

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