Jeep Secrets Revealed November 17 2015, 0 Comments

I use my Jeep Center Console every day as I am sure you do too. It wasn't until the other day I was searching around the internet for fun Jeep items to buy when I came across a cool little secret about my JKU Rubicon. 

On the underside of my center console are two holders that can fit pens, small flashlights and/or a tire gauge. 

Then did you know... your cup holder can double as a dog water dish. 

There is also the seven slot theme carried up from the grille to the top vent up near the hood.  

When you are wrenching out in the garage and you don't feel like walking into the kitchen to get a bottle opener you can just use your door. The silver latches attached to the body of the Jeep double as a bottle opener. 

Do you have any Jeep secrets you want to share?

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