Jeep Tips September 05 2017, 0 Comments

This past week we ~ Jeep Talk Show Podcast ~ received an email from a fellow Jeeper. His name is Dan. He officially became a Jeeper this week. He bought a YJ. He has finished up with his build.

LOL!!! BWAHAHA Are we ever finished with our builds? 

He has been testing it to make sure it is truly on and off road worthy. He has logged about 200 miles in town and some highway driving.  This is his first Jeep he ever drove. He shared some pretty good Jeep Tips. 

• Your kids cannot eat ice cream in the back seat of your Jeep with the top off on the highway. The ice cream blows off the spoon pretty quick.

• The aerodynamics of a lifted brick along with 33" tires gets you roughly 15 mpg.

• Every squeak or creak has me wide eyed & shushing everyone.

• Passing other vehicles on the highway is not a problem because you don't pass anyone.

• You don't need to let off the throttle when you see a trooper on the highway for fear of speeding because your probably not unless your down hill with a tail wind

• On the highway cross winds will cause you to experience a high pucker effect instantly.

• Some lessons are the same as riding a motorcycle on the highway like don't follow trash trucks or cattle trucks...that's not rain.

• The Jeep Wrangler has a tight turning radius more so at highway speeds so two hands on the wheel are a necessity.

•With the top off act as if everyone is looking at you, but their really checking out the Jeep & your wife

• Everything will blow out that's not tied down.

•Much like when riding a Harley, everyone seems to want to strike up a conversation about your Jeep at traffic lights

•If you pull over & raise the hood to chase down that new sound down you will have other Jeepers & concerned people stop & check on you.

• For highway use the Jeep Wrangler with the 2.5 ltr. Engine with 33" tires should be called the Dragonfly because it Drags ass up hills & Flys down them.

• I will be asking Santa for a set of 4.88 gears and next summer see my MPG go to 10 I'm sure.