Meeting the Founder of the TAT December 18 2019, 0 Comments

DAY 11

Wheeling the Trans America Trail was a bucket list item of Neil's for about ten years. He was very excited to be on the trail but even more excited to meet Sam Corerro the founder of the Trans America Trail.  The first half of our adventure was on the East Coast part of the TAT. We drove old forest roads and through national parks. It was so peaceful to be the only ones on the road.

Back in the 80's Sam was looking for a route which avoided
lots of traffic and was scenic. The trails started with 100 miles in Mississippi and has grown to thousands of miles across the United States. The trial continues to grow as Sam is mapping new routes. 

Neil and I arrived at Sam's house around dinner time. First we decided to stop at an interesting little stop called The Outpost. There were little shops and a great spot to eat. Neil was in heaven as the menu was full of home cooked recipes.  

I made a big discovery too! I spotted bigfoot. I am pretty sure he was following us.   

After dinner we spent a couple of hours chatting and made plans for breakfast in the morning. Neil & I headed to Pickwick State Park that evening to camp along the Tennessee River. 

We had a great unspoken system set up to get our camp ready for the night. We were like a well oiled machine getting done what needed to be done quickly and efficiently. I was learning we made a great team. 

I also discovered I didn't need the noise of a fan to fall asleep at night. It was so calming to listen to the sound of mother nature each night as we fell asleep.