Missin' My Jeep - Jeep Jealously July 06 2013, 1 Comment

We took our annual family summer trip this year to visit my sisters in southern Minnesota over the Fourth of July. We decided to fly instead of the 19 hour drive, which meant we had to leave my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited at home. (We bought the plane tickets months before we bought the Jeep.) Leaving my Jeep at home was pretty hard. I knew a week without it was going to be rough. But there was nothing I could do. 

Once at the airport, we picked up our car rental, a Chevy Tahoe, nothing like my Jeep. 

As we headed South to our lakeside cabin, my oldest son commented on how he could tell we were out of the big city by the taste in his mouth. He said, he couldn't taste the pollution here in Minnesota. Southern Minnesota in July = miles and miles of farmlands, lots and lots of lakes, sunny skies, and a whole lot of lake-fresh air. Perfect Jeep driving conditions. But I was without.

 What a perfect place to be driving my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Wind in my face, sun on my skin, wearing my new hat, and all that pollution-free fresh air. Oh, how I wish I was driving my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited! Just like these folks.  Jeep Jealousy!