OffRoad Trail Guide November 15 2016, 0 Comments

Last year I shared with you an Off Road Trails and Parks guide.

Jeep Momma Blog Post -October 15, 2016 each year, for the past three years, has compiled a list of the top off-road trails in America. With over 12,600 responses from off-roading enthusiasts, PartCatalog has compiled the top off road trails and rides of choice for 39 states in America. 

The 2016 Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America ~ Click Here

This year's version includes an interactive map, the top 5 trails by state, the top 3 off road vehicles by state. They also added 4 new states.

I checked out the list in Maryland. Hmmmm.... I was told there is no legal wheeling in Maryland. Maybe these places are geared towards the ATV folks. Looks like I have some research to do.