Oh, The Places I'll Go - with my Jeep and my new Map Apps! August 15 2013, 0 Comments

One thing a Jeep owner shouldn't be with out is a map.  I found the best kind of maps - are Map Apps. It has taken me quite a while to come over to the dark side, but I am finally willing to part with the old fashioned paper maps.

I've had this map for 14 years now, and it's been real hard to let it go. But a friend introduced me to some map apps. Now I'm completely hooked.  Some might say obsessed.  Me obsessed - Ha!
I've always been a little fascinated with maps. I'm always picking up new maps (the old fashioned kind) on our trips, and studying them in the car while we travel. When we traveled when I was younger, I would look out the car window and wonder what was on the other side of the trees.  Now with my new found map app, I can see what's just over the mountain or on the other side of the trees.

This app - ArcGIS (by esri) is fabulous!  It's now my new map tool. It has many features I love, and can satisfy my curiosity in many ways. I can switch up the different views depending on what suits my mood at the moment.  If I want to find a different route, I switch to the street view. Like when we were in Swallow Falls, each time we headed into town we were able to take a different route. Being able to see new sights was fun and refreshing!


If I want to see what's on the other side of the trees, I switch to the imagery view.  You could be driving down the road and have trees on all sides and not even know there is a beautiful river just on the other side of the trees. I'm a very curious and nosy person. I want to know everything and see everything. This app does it for me!

When I was at Boy Scout camp earlier this summer, I was able to see high above the camp and get the whole view from above.  When you are out on the trails running it's nice to know what's coming up and how far you have left to go.
By the way this is the lake I want to finish running around.  I did half of it all ready.
Some other Map Apps I use are MapmyRun.  This app tells me how far and how fast I ran.  Plus, it keeps track of all the workouts I've done. It can also tell you the elevation and you can save your notes. 
I also like Alltrails.  This app allows me to track the trails we hike, and check out other trails others have hiked. The trail App is a little better than the posted maps at the start of the trails.  
Another favorite is the utrackme App. It tracks everywhere I've been.  Now what would be really cool is -- if I had this app since I was a born.  Then have the ability to merge my track with my friends or spouse to see if your paths ever crossed before you met.
Gotta say I'm addicted! I don't know how I survived without Map Apps! Thanks to those who introduced me. Life with my Jeep is now just a little bit better. It was great and a little bit better makes it Fabulous! 
 Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
Happy Trails!