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Top 5 Must Have Hi-Lift Jack Accessories August 01 2019, 0 Comments

Recently I received a Hi-Lift Jack and some accessories. It can be a very dangerous tool if you don't use it correctly and respect it. I posted a video on using it safely.

Hi-Lift Jack Use 

Here are My Top 5 Must Have Hi-Lift Accessories

You should always make sure your Hi-lift Jack mechanism is well oiled before you use it. 

Mount or Storage Solution
The best place to store your Hi-lift Jack when...

Top 5 Must Do Topless Tips July 29 2019, 0 Comments

1. When you are going 60-65 mph down the interstate, 
and you have long hair, I suggest you tie it back, or put on a hat. There is a high potential you could be rendered blind momentarily, and crash. 

2. Leave No Trace is definitely a principal you should use for the inside of your Jeep. You don't want that "litter fine" when trash goes sailing out the top of your Wrangler. Anything you want to keep...

My Top 3 Must Have Apps when you go Off Road - You Tube Video March 25 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 40 Look Back

I would love to have a Top 5 Apps to use when you are Off Road, but so far I have only found three that are worthy. I don't like to have unnecessary junk on my phone that I won't use. So far that means only three good apps.
 Check them out. 

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