Top 5 Tools I Use The Most November 17 2020, 0 Comments

Being prepared by bringing tools and recovery gear when you go off road is extremely important. I have several YouTube videos on my channel like, Top 5 tools needed, Top 5 Fluids needed, and many others. 

Jeep Momma YouTube Top 5 Videos 

You never know when or if you may even need those items so in this video I share what I have actually used while I am on those 4x4 trails.

                               Jeep Momma Tools & Recovery Gear Used

The video shares how each of these items where used. 

18mm Wrench - Big Hammer - Recovery Strap - Tree Saver - D-Ring - Soft Shackle
Snatch Block - Winch - 
Hi-Lift Jack - Colby Valve - Pry Bars - Ratchet Straps
Extra U Joints - Ratchet & Socket


The cool thing about the Jeep community is... "You may not have it all together, but together you will have it all."

Don’t get too crazy trying to pack everything and the kitchen sink into your Jeep. It’s good to be prepared. 

You may not use everything you bring and you may not have everything you need, but you may have things others need and vice versa. 

Every time you go out you will learn what works for you and your style of wheeling. Just prepare the best you can and grow on that each time.