The Great Jeep Shackle Mystery - Theft or Vibrations February 23 2015, 0 Comments

As I left for the gym today for a much needed workout, I noticed something didn't look right on the front of my Jeep. Upon a closer look, I noticed one of my shackles was missing. Or is it called a D-ring? I'm confused. Anyways, my first thought was -- thief!!! After posting the picture on my social media sites, some folks said maybe it vibrated off.
That's what my husband guessed too. I guess I am too cynical and still think someone stole it. How in the world could it had vibrated off. I drive to the grocery store, the gym and my kids' school. I very rarely hit the highway, usually when I head up to Rausch Creek. 

Upon further investigation by looking back at my pictures, it's been gone for at least a week. Looks like I will have to break open the piggy bank, and splurge for a new one and some new isolators. 

When they come in I will be painting them "Plum Crazy" purple to match my grille inserts. That should keep the thieves at bay. Plus, I will finally break out that new bottle of Loctite threadlocker -- nope not the super glue, I know the difference.  

It was also suggested that I get a spacer/bushing -- that would help it from vibrating off. But the question is... how do I keep those evil thugs from stealing them again?

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