The Right Lift For Me... Part 1 of 3 November 10 2015, 0 Comments

Last week I shared a guest post from a fellow Jeeper. It was about lifting your Jeep. Jeepers lift there Jeeps for different reasons. For me the lift would be all about better performance out on the trails at Rausch Creek Off Road Park but at the same time maintaining my daily driver. 

The great thing about Jeep is there are so many options in the aftermarket world. Just like the Jeep Community there are so many different opinions. And no one opinion is right or wrong. For me I like to get as much information as I can before I make any modification to my Jeep. My experience with aftermarket parts and off-roading is very little. So the more information I can get the better. 

After my "guest post" last week a lot of folks chimed in and I thought I would share. 

Can my Jeep handle a 6" lift? Do I need get a lift higher than 4 inches? I need to remember my needs, my pocketbook and what will work for me. 

Here are some thoughts from fellow Jeepers. 

"JKs can handle "big" lifts like 6", it just has to be done right (long arms, raised track bars, drag link flip, new drive shafts, exhaust mods, etc, etc). Cherokees are no different, and part for part you have to do almost all the same things at that height, regardless of which type of Jeep you're lifting. The main difference is that Cherokees typically need more lift in order to run the same size tires as a Wrangler/JK without doing substantial body modifications.  For example, I'm running around 5" of lift on my XJ with 35s (with cut fenders), while my JK is running 37s under only 3.5" with stock flares - and JKs can run 35s at stock height with little more than some trimmed or aftermarket flares."

"I have to disagree with the statements regarding a 6" lift.  For most people they are not more practical.  And they definitely don't improve driving angles - they make them worse.  I'd also argue the "they make you safer" comment as well. That's not to say you can't have good "driving angles" with a 6" lift, or that they're dangerous, but on just about any/every Jeep out there, running 6" is a completely different ballgame than a 2.5" or 3.5" kit.  And the tire size(s) that would necessitate running that much lift are also going to necessitate a whole host of axle upgrades."

l be doing this in three parts this week. So stay tuned for more on lifting your Jeep. 

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