Top Off-Road Locations -- Where do You Off-Road? September 17 2014, 0 Comments

The passion for my Jeep grows more and more each day. With that passion comes the passion to be wheelin' with her. Unfortunatly, I live in a state where there is no legal places to off-road -- well except for the beach. But that's not the kind of off-road experience I'm looking for.   

In this day of the internet super-highway it's easier to find the information you want. You can just "Google It" and instantly you have the answers you want. But you can't always believe what you read or "hear" on the internet. For me a personal account from people I know is a little bit more reliable. As a mom my time is limited so when I decide to head out with my Jeep I want to go to a place that's reliable, legal and fun. 

PartCatalog spent the past couple of months surveying over 1,100 off-road clubs and off-road enthusiasts across the county. Their goal was to create a resource guide for the weekend warriors showcasing the best off-roading destinations.

Here's their guide Top off road locations Resource Guide --  2014 Top Off Road Trails in America.

Here's another link to some off-road parks in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

So where do you go to off-road?  What are the good points? What are the bad points -- can there be a bad point to off-roading? 

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