Trying to Do It All on the Trails May 27 2015, 0 Comments

Sometimes I try to do too much. This past Sunday I was
looking forward to getting some great videos with my new Kodak PixPro 360 camera. I was by myself in my Jeep trying to do too much -- navigating the rocky trails in my Rubicon, taking pictures with my iPhone and my Nikon, plus shooting some videos with the Kodak PixPro, and I brought my back up video camera. Well it's a good thing I brought the back up video camera.  

I had tested the Kodak PixPro 360 about two months ago, and thought I had the proper setting  to use while recording. This camera has several recording modes. Check out my test videos on you tube. I thought I had the right recording mode, but unfortunately I didn't. I was using the fish eye mode, which doesn't work well on the dash. 

So all the videos I took were worthless. But the good news is I was prepared and brought my regular video camera. I was able to get some pretty good video. Now I am in the process of editing some of those videos and hope to have them posted to My You Tube channel soon.

In the meantime I will have to go back to the drawing board with the Kodak PixPro. 

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