Weekend Getaway Ideas for you and your Jeep June 09 2015, 0 Comments

Now that summer is in full force it is time to get out in the Jeep for a little R & R. Put that top down and load up the Jeep with... a cooler and picnic basket or camping gear or your beach towel and bathing suit. 

It is always an adventure in your Jeep, but it doesn't have to always be on the trails, sloshing thru the mud or crawling over the rocks. Here are some ideas I plan on trying this summer. 

Go camping

Take some time to get back to nature. You don't always have to hit the trails in your Jeep. I like to check out local state parks with campsites in the area that have cool hiking trails with waterfalls. Put that top down and hit the road in your Jeep for a little camping adventure.  A great place in Maryland is Swallow Falls State Park.  

Go to the beach

Pack up the beach bag, sunscreen and head to the sandy shores whether the ocean, a lake or river. Some beaches even allow your Jeep to join you on the sand.  Watch the sunset with the top down in your Jeep, and build a bonfire to keep the fun going after dark.  Assateague State Park allows your Jeep out onto the sandy shores. You can even spend the weekend camping there. 

Take a road trip

Check your local small towns for fun summer festivals. Load up the Jeep with snacks and hit the road. Enjoy the day at the festival and end it at a restaurant with an outdoor dining area. 

Local Off Road Park

Search around to see where your local Off Road Park is and sign up for a trail ride, meet some new Jeep friends. Maybe even venture out further and check out an Off Road Park you've never tried.   

Whatever your pleasure don't let summer pass you by without a little #JeepTherapy. Whether you plan your trip or it's a spur of the moment get away from the hustle and bustle of  life and go have some time away.

   - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life!