2018 Wheelin' Plans December 28 2017, 0 Comments

Exciting wheeling plans are on my agenda in 2018. I am hoping to wheel in new and exciting places this year. I have already registered for a few wheeling events.

In May, it will be a weekend of over-landing fun at AOAA in Pennsylvania. There will be wheeling, campfires and camping, and lots of cool classes on over-landing and navigation, plus vendors and raffles. All of this at...

In June, my wheeling goes back to Rausch Creek with Freak Fest and Krawlin for Cops. Then of course in September, I will be at the Women's Wheeling Day.

In the early Spring, I am hoping to set up my own Trail Day.
The Jeep Badge of Honor program added a couple of new trails. One of those is close by in Virginia, Peters Mill Run in the George Washington National Park. Ideally, I would love to be able to make this a couple of days of wheeling by adding the Dickey Bell Trail #91 in North Carolina. The Virginia trail is rated 2 to 4, and the Dickey Bell is rated 6 to 8 difficulty. There is another trail in Georgia, but that trail difficulty is a 7 to 9.

I am also keeping my fingers crossed. I am hoping my schedule meshes with Carolina Trails Off-Road. They planning a wheeling trip to Windrock Park in Tennessee.  There are three Badge of Honor trails there. One is a more difficult trail.

I am looking forward to all the Cool Jeep Adventures in 2018.