Am I being a Bad Jeep Mom? June 12 2014, 0 Comments


My first off road experience was about two and a half weeks ago. Private 4X4 lessons from Kyle at Rausch Creek in Pennsylvannia. I had the best time and my Jeep had a blast! For the first time she was able to get out on the trails and get a little muddy.

The next day I took a hose and some soap after my Jeep for a good old bath in the driveway.

But now I am finding I didn't do such a good job getting all the dirt off. It's everywhere!

 Inside the door hinges.

Inside the door handle. 


And even underneath my Jeep.

Am I being a bad Jeep mom because I'm just leaving it dirty hoping the rain will wash it away?

And for those who know me you must be pretty shocked that I'm okay with a dirty Jeep. Yep that midlife transition changes people for sure.  

Do I need to break out the hose and soap again and clean her up? take her to the car wash? or just let mother nature handle it?

Oh --- What's a mom to do?

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