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4x4 at Rausch Creek Off Road park with Infidel Jeeps
Great Times with Infidel Jeeps
Back in 2013, I started a new journey, when I became a first time Jeep owner. Since then the adventure I began has been exciting, fulfilling and life changing. Along this great trip, I have come across many Cool Jeep Things.

 Now I share those Cool Jeep Things on

Great time at Women's Wheeling Day
Amazing Women Jeepers at Women's Wheeling Day
at Rausch Creek Off Road Park  
Not only do I come across Cool Jeep Things, but many, many amazing Jeep people. This Jeep Community continues to amaze me. It is unlike any group of people I have ever come across. The kindness and camaraderie are off the charts. 
Mike Manley Introduces the new Jeep Wrangler JL
Mike Manley and the New Jeep Wrangler JL

Mike Manley, head of the Jeep Brand, spoke at a press conference during the release of the Jeep Wrangler JL. He described the Jeep Community as a community having a certain mindset unlike no other community. Jeepers bond with total strangers because of our kindred spirits. There is a down to earth appeal with the Wrangler that is so much deeper that is hard to describe, but every Jeeper gets it. We call it "It's a Jeep Thing".

Jeeps on the Trails
Out on the Trails with Krawlin' for Cops
I love this community as it has become my second family. We are an unique group of people with an absolute passion for this well recognized iconic Jeep Brand, especially the Wrangler with it's unmistakable style. 

Jeeping with Jeep friends at Rausch Creek off Road park

We are loyal, proud and love to share our passion, whether on social media, out on the trails or in the way we uniquely modify our Jeeps.

One of those members of my Jeep family is Joe from Under the Sun Inserts. Joe has embarked on another part of his adventure, his blog which provides a cool take on the current Jeep events. Go over and check it out.