Distracted July 02 2018, 0 Comments

My goal each Sunday is to post a Jeep Momma's Garage video on You Tube. However, that didn't happen this Sunday. I was inspired by a post I was tagged in on the Becoming a Minimalist Facebook page.

Ever since I became a Jeep owner I have been on a life journey to Enjoy My Life more. There has been a lot of self discovery and a lot of throwing out the old. It's all about simplifying and de-cluttering all aspects of my life. 

Just when I thought I maxed out the things I could de-clutter I was proved wrong. That post on Facebook had me re-evaluating the things in my home. 

So I spent the weekend getting rid of at least 15 bins worth of stuff. I threw out two large recycling bins of paper and threw out three bags of trash.

I know have found several things to Ebay and if those items sell I will have Jeep Parts money. I will also be having a yard sale to sell the rest. The fun part of this time is getting my family involved. 

I was able to get most of my family to join in on the purge. I still have one son to convince about how unimportant saving things can be.  

My family still has a long ways to go but we are getting there. I don't think there is an end to this. It is a constant work in progress, but during the process we are going to be living our best life. 

Here are some of my de-clutter, simplify my life blog posts with some good tips.