I Never Want to Leave Home without My Jeep! July 15 2013, 0 Comments

My teenage son asked if I would go with him and his Boy Scout Troop camping and whitewater rafting.  I was shocked that he would want to hang out with me. (Personally, I think my cool factor elevated considerably since I got my Jeep) I agreed to go, even though the thought of getting into a raft, that I could potentially fall out of into a river, scared me to death.  But - I went anyway.  We went over class 3 and 4 rapids.  It was an absolute blast!  I can't wait to go again.

Everyone had a great time rafting and camping.  The food we cooked over the fire was very yummy!

The only thing lacking was -- I left my Jeep at home, and rode with another mom. NEVER - EVER again!  I can't believe I left my Jeep at home.  It was very disheartening not being able to be a part of the Jeep Club on the way up to the campsite.  I saw Jeeps everywhere. My urge to wave at them all was huge, but I couldn't - because I wasn't in my Jeep. Even when we got to the rafting site there were Jeeps everywhere in the parking lot. 

 I wanted to scream to everyone that I was a Jeep owner too! But again I had to remain calm.  Next time I go, I will be joining the Jeep Club and I won't leave home - without My Jeep!