My Jeep Brings me Good Luck! July 17 2013, 0 Comments

I have played laser tag with my boys many, many times over the years.  I have always been one of the last place finishers.  No matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to finish at the bottom.

About a month after buying my Jeep, we took the boys to go play laser tag.  When you play laser tag you need to have a "code name" or nickname.  I always just played as "mom".  Not this time, my "code name" was Jeep Girl. Well - guess who came in 1st place? Yep, I said 1st Place.  I even beat my teenage son who always wins. Ha!

Jeep Girl Rocks!

I attribute my 1st place win to my new Jeep.  It brought me Jeep Luck!  Jeeps are awesome - therefore Jeep owners are awesome -- therefore Jeep Owners play awesome!