Installed a New Skid Plate on My Jeep Wrangler December 03 2015, 0 Comments

When I first bought my #Jeep Wrangler, I didn't know where to start with the modifications. Many wise Jeepers told me I should start with recovery. So my first modification was a new front bumper, and the necessary recovery tools.

I also needed to take into consideration how I was going to use my Jeep. Once I figured that out, I was able to make the right choices for me. My Jeep is my daily driver AND I take her off-roading at Rausch Creek. 

At Rausch Creek Off Road park my wheelin' has been on the mild green trails. Recently, I have stepped it up by hitting the blue trails which are more difficult and rockier than the green trails. 

I all ready have some pretty tough rock sliders on my Jeep. They have come in real handy, and have saved my Jeep several times out on the trails. At one minute 50 seconds into this video you can hear the sliders at work.

Now that I am upping my off-road game, I need to protect my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Underneath my Jeep she has all stock parts which include the skids for the gas tank, transfer case and evap canister. 

There is also a cross member bar near the engine. However that is not enough to protect the oil pan and transmission. So I purchased the M.O.R.E. Oil Pan and Transmission skid plate

I was so excited to install this beast mode piece of armor 
myself, but unfortunately for the past 3 months I have had moderate back pain. The doc told me to not lift or aggravate my back. 

BUMMER! That meant I couldn't install my skid plate. GOOD NEWS! A friend's husband is a vehicle fixer upper junkie.

I drove my Jeep over to their house one Saturday, and we got to work. Actually my back pain was a blessing in disguise. I am not sure I would have been able to install the skid myself.

First, we removed my banged up, scraped up cross member bar.

Then, it was on to the armor install. This is where I would have had difficulty. I don't have power tools, but Dirk (my friend's husband) WOW! he has every tool imaginable! 

Then we needed to loosen the motor mount bolts. This was the toughest part of the whole install. They are hard to get at, and they are very tough to loosen. Fortunately, he had an impact drill. 

I panicked a little when we had trouble with one of the bolts. The thread was messed up a little. But Dirk to the rescue, no problem, he broke out his bolt re-threader kit and WAH-LAH -- good to go. 

Once that was fixed it was time to drill one hole, then insert in all the bolts and tighten. But wait... One of the bolts was a little too long, so we had to cut some off. Dirk to the rescue again! We just needed to shorten one of the bolts and WAH-LAH -- good to go! 

With the right tools and muscle power, this install is pretty simple and easy. Now my Jeep is ready for some more difficult trails at Rausch Creek. I cannot wait to head up the mountain near Tremont, Pennsylvania! 

If you bought or decide to buy this beefy skid plate check out the install video on You Tube and here is the paper instruction guide for the M.O.R.E Oil Pan/Tranny Skid Plate

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