Jeep Momma Ready for Download!!! December 15 2014, 0 Comments

Last Thursday evening was the debut of my weekly appearance on the XJ TALK SHOW! Every Thursday the show is recorded. Then Monday morning you can download it to watch & listen at your convenience. 

Download it Now!!!

Well folks --- today is Monday.  So, if you missed the live recording -- no worries. You can go to and download episode 158. 

The segment is called Wrangler Talk. This week I began with "The Evolution of Jeep Momma" part 1. It's how it all began. How I have evolved from Mini-Van Mom to Jeep Mom to Jeep Momma Blogger to Jeep Momma the off road addict and sharing my love for Jeep modifications. 

This Thursday I will continue my story with Chapter 2 on the XJ TALK SHOW! episode 159.

I hope you check it out and share your thoughts with me!

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