My Weekly Podcast Debut -- Tonight!!! December 11 2014, 0 Comments

I am so excited to announce I have my own little segment on a Jeep Podcast. Remember back in October -  when I made my debut on the XJ Talk Show with Tony and Josh. Well, (I was so fabulous -- HaHa) they invited me back, but this time they made room for me to have my own segment within their show every week. So you can catch me every week on the the XJ Talk Show at 

There are two ways you can watch. They record their show live on the internet every Thursday night around 10:15 pm central time. It's about an hour long. Or you can download the show to listen and watch at your convenience the following Monday.  

The XJ Talk show with two Jeep Cherokee owners is about Jeep Cherokees, but they are expanding and wanted to add a little Wrangler flare to the show. They saw the passion I have for Jeeps and off-roading. They liked how I share my learning experiences with others in my blog even when I make mistakes. I'm not afraid to get out there and try -- although sometimes I may be a little cautious. 

Listen Tonight -- 10:15 pm central

So tonight's Jeep Momma episode -- I'll start at the beginning. How my love for my Jeep began in part one of The Evolution of Jeep Momma. 

I hope you will tune in or maybe download it next week! 

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