More Jeep Tips - Driving your Wrangler In the Snow July 07 2015, 0 Comments

I grew up in the Midwest where winters are harsh and
long. I spent many of those winters driving in the snow, and it became second nature to maneuver those snowy streets. I am not entirely sure I can spell out tips for driving in the snow because for me it's an instinct learned from so many years driving in it. I will do my best to list my "Jeep Wrangler Driving in the Snow" tips as best I can. However, I may need your help to add to these. 

Top Tips for Jeep Driving in the Snow 

Always carry a shovel. The shovel can dig out your tires, axles and frame when the snow gets compacted and prevents your Jeep from moving. 

Know the Snow. Knowing how to read the different types of snow when you are out wheeling is an important technique. Soft, wet snow in the sun is different than cold, wet snow in the shadows. Dry snow is another entirely different beast.

Don't Spin. Spinning your wheels just digs a hole in the snow making your Jeep sink deeper. The spinning also melts the top layer of snow, then the water re-freezes and turns to ice. You may need to back up and try different lines. 

Be Prepared.  Make sure you dress for the weather and bring along your recovery gear. 

Icy Roads. Don't slam on your brake, you need to pump your brakes. Unless you have ABS. If you start to slide turn into the slide. 

Do you have tips for off-roading in the snow? Please share them! 

Tips from fellow Jeepers

--Get the right tyres, mud are not winter. Be extra careful with the brake pedal. In very deep snow is progression is stopped due to snow being accumulated in the front you must go backwards for a short distance and then going again forward with some speed to push the snow with your jeep like a plow.
If snowing very hard.....stay at home.

-- if you have ABS, stick with the pedal don't pump your brakes. Let the computer do the work for you. 

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