My Next Jeep Project - Fortify the Undercarriage August 27 2015, 0 Comments

Now that my rear bumper has been installed, it's time to start looking for my next Jeep Wrangler project. I have decided I will start fortifying my undercarriage. 

My Rubicon came off the factory floor with a factory skid plate over the gas tank. 

A cover over the evap canister.

A skid plate over the transfer case. 

And the factory cross member.   

I plan on starting with a skid plate for the oil pan and transmission. I was looking at the M.O.R.E skid plate at Extreme Terrain. And lucky me since I submitted an installation guide for the Barricade Adjustable Brake Light Bracket w/ LED Light I received a coupon on my next purchase. Now I just need to sell some more Lego's to make up the difference.

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