Peanut Butter Didn't Work January 21 2016, 0 Comments

Last May while in the process of waxing my Jeep - YES, I waxed my Jeep and will again - I got some wax on my plastic fenders. 

I went to the Jeep forums for help on how to remove the wax. There were several suggestions I tried as you can see in my  May Blog Post .

The last one I tried was using peanut butter. At first it looked like it removed the wax. Well, it didn't. I noticed the other day the wax magically reappeared. Note: No squirrels tried to eat my fenders. 

So I went searching for suggestions again. There were several more I received. Back to Black Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner, Fluid film, and Dawn dish soap.

I decided to go with the Dawn dish soap. It was a bust. The wax is still there. Now I wonder if maybe it was just too cold or I didn't scrub enough. 

I think I will put up with the wax for now, until it warms up. Maybe I will just decide to rip those plastic fenders of and get new ones. 

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