Renegades, Patriots and the Compass are Real Jeeps too! September 01 2015, 0 Comments

As you all know I am one of the co-hosts on the Jeep Talk Show. Since the name has changed from the XJ Talk Show to the Jeep Talk Show we have been working hard on expanding the content to include all Jeeps. 

We have introduced a new segment called... The Grand Adventure with Cody. Cody has a WJ -- A Jeep Grand Cherokee and is part of  

On this past week's show, Cody discusses "Real Jeeps". I know sometimes those Renegade, Patriot and Compass owners feel left out. But we should not slight them because those Jeeps are just as capable.

Cody gives us some real hard facts about Real Jeeps.  

Jeep Talk Show Podcast Episode 190 Click Here

Cody's segment is at 40:14 

You can even see the Renegade in action on his blog.  Click here for Blog Post

Do you have a Jeep that is NOT a Wrangler or Cherokee? Have you taken your Jeep out on the trails? If you have please share your pictures and story!

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