The Jeep Talk Show - Give-Aways October 12 2015, 1 Comment

It has been almost a year since I was first interviewed on the XJ Talk Show podcast. A lot has changed in that year. Now the podcast has a new name -- The Jeep Talk Show -- and a new co-host. 

Tony and Josh asked me to join their show as a permanent fixture. So December of 2014, I debuted with my 5 part audio series "Evolution of a Jeep Momma". Then I went on to joining Tony and Josh live with my weekly "Wrangler Talk" Segment, and my bi-weekly "Jeep Momma" product review.

Now we are coming up on another milestone -- the
Podcast's 200th episode. On October 29th at 10pm Eastern time we will record live the 200th espisode. We are going to have some fun with this podcast walking down memory land looking back at some of our goofy and silly moments. But the best part is our free giveaways. 

Jeep Talk Show -- Give-Away

Remote Start System with Keyless Entry for an Automatic Jeep

Jeep Talk Show -- Give-Away

EK Motorsports Grab Handles
Brand New!! 
Package of 2 Purple Grab Handles just like Jeep Mommas


Just call 530-675-4102 or use the speakpipe feature on the Jeep Talk Show website to leave us a message. Tell us who you are and where you are from and wish us a happy 200th episode. 

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