Top 10 Accessory Musts for Jeep Wrangler Moms April 16 2015, 1 Comment

More and more moms are seen driving Jeep Wranglers these days. Driving the Jeep Wrangler is not like driving just any other vehicle. It is a whole different experience and there are certain accessories you need to make your driving pleasure complete. Here is my list of the Top 10 accessories every Jeep Wrangler mom should have. 

Top 10 Accessories for the Wrangler Driving Mom

1. A hat (straw or baseball) - We must be able to see while driving. The hat keeps our hair from flying all over the place while the top is down.

2. Sunglasses - When the top is down the sun is a little stronger.

3. Grab Handles - My grab handles are purple.The are a great safety and convenience grip. Mine are from EK Motor Sports. 

4. Upgraded Drink holder - I like my new cup holder because of the place for trash, but the best part is the cup holders are separated. Now my kids won't fight about each other's drink is touching the others. 

5. Tool Box - Every mom should have her own tools. But make sure you keep your tools locked up so your husband or kids don't rummage through them. 

6. Mechanics Gloves - These are great to have to help keep your hands free from cuts, and gives you that extra grip you may need when you are out wrenching on your Jeep. 

7. Recovery Kit - Mine consists of 2 shackles, tow strap, tree saver, tools, high jack lift, recovery gloves, shovel and axe. I am working on other items such as a winch, snatch block, winch line dampener, and fire extinguisher. Be sure you are properly trained on using the high jack lift before you attempt to use it.   

8. Music 

9. Colored Exterior Accessories - I have Plum Crazy Purple painted grille inserts and Shackles. 

10. Jeep T-shirt - It doesn't matter what kind of Jeep shirt but any shirt that mentions Jeep works.

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