Trail of the Month January 19 2016, 0 Comments

One of my favorite things about being a Jeep Wrangler owner is the uniqueness that can be created with your Jeep. I can create my Jeep to look like no other Jeep. I have never been one, to want to be like everyone else; never one to follow the crowd. 

Just like the diverse look a Jeep offers; it is the same with the kind of trails a Jeeper can take. There are so many different possibilities for all the different tastes of Jeepers.

There are more than just those rocky mountain trails. There are also easy trails through the forest, or muddy trails in the woods. We all have our favorites.  

I reached out to fellow Jeepers, and asked them to share their favorite trails. Here is one of my Google+ friend's favorite trail. 

"My favorite Tail is on Highway 60 from Tampa to Clearwater, Florida. You can drive for miles on the beach and pavement. There is also fishing, biking & walking. All In a beautiful place and it's free." ~Vince


Trail of the Month is a monthly feature. One of the reasons I love my blog is the opportunity to inspire and share. Please share your favorite trail with me -- why you like the trail, and pictures of your Jeep on the trail. 

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