Win a Trip Wheelin' on the Rubicon Trail - PICK ME!!! December 23 2014, 0 Comments

Back in in August of 2013 I started -- for the first time --  working on my bucket list.  

As I began to check things off, I would add more to the list. Back then off-roading in my Jeep was number 3. My plan was to go within that month. But unfortunately, I didn't make it out for eight more months. But that off-roading experience was amazing and I wanted more. 
Jeep Momma's Bucket list -August 22, 2013

What really got me hooked was videos I found of a friend who wheels on the Rubicon Trail in Northern California.  Those videos are what hooked me into off-roading.

Now the number one item on my bucket list is to head out to Northern California, rent a Rubicon, then hit the Rubicon trail for a couple of days of wheeling and camping. I've looked into an outfitter that has many different packages. But the cost of the trip, plus airfare and a rental car will cost quite a bit of money. But I am saving.

However I think I might have found an easier and less expensive way to go. Extreme Terrain is having a contest. One entry per person. I was going to keep this my little secret. But then I had a great idea. If I spread the word, and all my friends enter the contest -- my chances of going to the Rubicon Trail have just increased.  Because I know -- all my friends will pick me to be their guest. Each winner can take one guest.  

 3 Day Rubicon Excursion
on the Rubicon Trail in Northern California

 The trip includes: 
-A Rubicon Jeep expert to help navigate the trail 
-3 Extreme days wheeling the Rubicon trail
-2 nights of camping under the stars
-Free travel and lodging

Now -- everyone go and sign up.  But remember, if you win seriously think about who you will take as your guest. Is there anyone out there with a friend who has "Wheeling the Rubicon Trail" as number one on their bucket list? Probably not, so I'm the most logical choice. Pick Me!! Pick Me!! 

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