"Wrangler Talk" Ready for Download JK Steering Attenuator Review February 16 2015, 0 Comments

The latest edition of "Wrangler Talk" is ready for download.  

What is Wrangler Talk you ask.   Well...
..... you see there is this podcast -- the XJTalkShow with Tony & Josh. 

Every week they get together to talk about their Jeep Cherokees.

They have invited me to be a part of their show with my own segment called "Wrangler Talk" where I talk about my Rubicon and All Things Wrangler.

This week's "Wrangler Talk" is about the JK Steering Attenuator.  Find out what it is and what it does. 

Watch the podcast here XJTalkShow.com - "Wrangler Talk" is 1:22:30 into the show

or click here to download  my "Wrangler Talk" segment. It is at :55:30 into the podcast. 

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