Jeep vs. Hummer June 02 2014, 0 Comments

Saturday was a family day trip to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to the US Army Heritage Museum. We pulled down the soft top, zipped off the windows and loaded up the Jeep for the two hour ride. 

What a fabulous museum. Both my boys really enjoyed the hands on exhibits learning about life in the military during all the different wars. The outside tour of the tanks, barracks, pill boxes, trenches and other "military" displays were "beast mode" as my youngest son said. This museum is the best museum ever he kept saying throughout the day.

There was even an exhibit just for me, an obstacle course. So I kicked off my flip flops and challenged my boys to a race.   

On the way back from the museum we got into a little debate. As we drove by a Hummer, I announced that Hummer's just aren't as great as a Jeep. My boys and my husband all disagreed with me. They said no way. They would take a Hummer over a Jeep any day. I argued my point and adamantly disagreed with them. I then decided to take a little poll.   

Would you rather drive a Jeep or a Hummer?

As I'm writing this my youngest is looking over my shoulder. He says to me, "Actually mom I pick a Jeep over the Hummer, so it's 2 to 2." Sometimes I wonder if they are just trying to razz me because I love my Jeep so much. 

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