Top Off Road Trails and Parks In America October 15 2015, 1 Comment has come out with their 2nd annual Top Off Road Trails and Parks in America Guide. 

Last year they reached out to fellow off road enthusiasts for
their top off road trails and parks. Each year they continue to compile and strengthen their list of the top 5 off roading destinations in and around each state. Check out their guide on their website and share your comments. CLICK HERE

My favorite off road park is The Rausch Creek Off Road Park in Tremont, Pennsylvania. I like the wide variety of trails for the off-road beginner. 

They also have several trails for the more experienced Jeeper and of course the hard core rock obstacles. Some day I hope to adventure out to other states and experience off roading around the country.

Share with me your favorite Off Road Park or trail. Send a picture or two, then tell me why it is your favorite. 

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